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Oysters with Pearl
For Schools, Clubs & Other Educational Programs
Pearl Oysters, Wish Pearls,
Love Pearls, Pearls in shells

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See an Oyster
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Character Development

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Pearl Oysters for Students
Projects, Clubs & Groups
Math: Approximating, Sequencing, Odds, Graphing size and color of the pearls that come from the oysters.
Science What makes a pearl? Where do they come from? What do they look like coming right out of the shell? What does the inside of an oyster look like?
Biology Dissection. Anatomy. Marine Life.
English The Pearl by John Steinbeck
Character Development "You can't judge a book by its cover" What we see on the outside (ugly oyster) may not be what is on the inside (beautiful pearl)
History How did pearls become so popular? Who is Mikimoto? What is a pearl farm?
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Great for teachers, students, research projects
children's groups, clubs, outings and fundraisers!

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Open A Real Shell Yourself! You'll find a Treasured Pearl!
Wish Pearl Pic

Some of the many pearl colors that come out of our shells!
wish pearls

Students love opening pearl oysters in the shell because:
  • They learn by hands on experience!
  • They participate by seeing and touching!
  • They get a real pearl to show others!
  • They have Fun!

Oysters are not alive. They are packed in a
preserving liquid of alcohol and water.

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