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Bulk Pearl Oyster Distributor
Akoya Pearl Oysters
Wish Pearls

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We sell Salt Water Akoya Pearls and Wish Pearls in the shell
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Wish Pearl Gift Sets
Pearl Oyster & Jewelry (Pearl Necklace) Together
  • A Real Pearl inside a Real Shell
  • Heart Necklace with Chain
  • Gift Jewlery Pouch
  • Educational Pearl Booklet
  • Beautiful Gift Box
wish pearls
Some of the many pearl colors that come from our pearls shells!
wish pearls

WISH PEARL GIFT SETS are Great Sellers!
Fun, Educational and Different!

Each WISH PEARL GIFT SET includes:

AN OYSTER CONTAINING A PEARL. A major appeal of this unique gift is the excitement and mystery as you open the oyster and find your very own pearl. It takes three to five years for the oyster to form the pearl. The pearl will measure anywhere from 5-7mm. The oyster is packaged in a sealed container of alchol/water solution.

A HEART-SHAPED OR "MOTHER & CHILD" STYLE STERLING SILVER PENDANT. The beautiful "cage" design of the easy-to-open pendant allows the pearl to be worn and protected.


AN EDUCATIONAL BOOK ABOUT PEARLS. This literature explains color symbolism as well as the lore and appeal of pearls throughout history.

These wish pearls inside the shells are great for selling,
advertising, parties, promotions, gifts, corporate events,
fundraisers and school projects.

Guaranteed - a pearl in every Wish Pearl shell!
Wish Pearls are unique and Fun!

Oysters are not alive. They are packed in a
preserving liquid of alcohol and water.

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