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Character Development

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Wish Pearls for Students & Groups

Students (and teachers) of all ages are amazed to see a shell being opened and watch a real pearl emerging! It is such a valuable lesson to learn by participating in the entire process. Plus the students get to keep a treasured pearl to show their parents and friends. The oyster opening facilitates the entire educational process, and at the same time, the students are having FUN! Did you know we now have a fantastic lesson plan available for teaching with the oysters if you decide to purchase.

Discount Pricing: Minimum Order is 30 pieces.
Educational Pricing Request Here

You can see how an oyster can be opened at this link:
See how the Oyster Opens here:

Pearls in the Shell discount program for students and research:

-Teachers of all ages
-Students of all ages (Elementary, High School and College)
-Research Projects & Lessons
-Club Outings, Events, Fairs, Religious Education

Discount Pricing: Minimum Order is 30 pieces.
Educational Pricing Request Here

If you want less than 30 oysters, click below to order just one (1) or six (6) freshwater oysters Online at the link below:.

How to Order Less than 30 Oysters Here

1 oyster minimum is $21.95 each
6 oysters minimum is $16.95 each

Every shell is guaranteed to contain one genuine pearl. These pearls range in size from 5.0 mm to 7.0 mm. (The average size is 6 mm) Pearl colors include cream, gold, white, pink, silver and lavender. Each individual shell comes in its own see-through can with an easy open top. The shells are very easy to open. You can use a plastic butter knife or even just your fingers. (Not like a food oyster which is very hard to open)

Shipping is from Massachusetts office via UPS regular ground and is added to the invoice. The shells are packed in a safe preserving solution. They are not alive, but preserved. Full payment in advance is required for all orders. We need 5 days to process all orders, so allow yourself plenty of time to order.

We also have a great fundraiser program available to raise money for schools, clubs, school trips, etc. Send us an email if you would like more information.

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Educational Pricing Info Here

Guaranteed - a pearl in every Wish Pearl shell!
Wish Pearls are unique, eye catching, different and Fun!

Oysters are not alive. They are packed in a
preserving liquid of alcohol and water.

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