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You can evaluate pearls jewelry on the following quality factors. But always remember that the better the quality of pearls you select, the more beautiful and valued they will be over time.

  1. LUSTRE: Lustre is a combination of surface brilliance and a deep seated glow. The lustre of a good quality pearl should be bright and not dull. You should be able to see your own reflection clearly on the surface of a pearl. Any pearl that appears too white, dull or chalky indicates low quality.

  2. SURFACE: Cleanliness refers to the absence of disfiguring spots, bumps or cracks on the surface of a pearl. The cleaner the surface of the pearl, the more valuable.

  3. SHAPE: Since cultured pearls are grown by oysters in nature, it is very rare to find a perfectly round pearl. However, the rounder the pearl, the more valuable it is. Baroque pearls, which are asymmetrical in shape, can be lustrous and appealing, and often cost less than round pearls.

  4. COLOR: Cultured pearls come in a variety of colors from rose to black. While the color of a pearl is really a matter of the wearerís preference, usually rose or silver/white pearls tend to look best on fair skins while cream and gold toned pearls are flattering to darker complexions.

  5. SIZE: Cultured pearls are measured by their diameter in millimeters. The larger the pearl, other factors being equal, the more valuable it will be. The average sized pearl sold today is between 6 and 6 -1/2 millimeters.

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Oysters are not alive. They are packed in a
preserving liquid of alcohol and water.

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