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Bulk Pearl Oyster Distributor
Akoya Pearl Oysters
Wish Pearls

Wholesale Orders Only
No retail or individual Orders

We sell Salt Water Akoya Pearls and Wish Pearls in the shell
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See an Oyster
opening Demo Here

Character Development

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Comparing Salt vs Freshwater pearls
The pearls are absolutely beautiful from both types of shells!
Akoya Salt Pearl Oysters Freshwater  (also called Wish Pearls)
Come from Salt Water Come from Fresh water
Use knife to open shells Very Easy to open shells
Best used for pearl drilling
and setting mostly by professional jewelers.
Our Most Popular - Best used for stores, teaching students, promotions, clubs, fundraising, reselling and More!
Oysters sent vacuum-packed Individually Canned
or Bulk Containers
Higher quality pearls have higher import cost Cost Less to import
Minimum Order is
100 Pieces
Minimum Order is
36 Pieces (30 for schools only)
Price Quote
See Pearl Grading Chart
Wish pearls are Freshwater Pearls
Individually package inside a can. See image here.

Oysters are not alive. They are packed in a
preserving liquid of alcohol and water.

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