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oyster with pearl
Pinctada Fucata

Akoya Pearl Oysters - Saltwater pearls in the shell.
Akoya oysters are the classic, high-quality pearls of Japan. We supply these shells to large theme parks and jewelry stores.

Because of their roundness and high luster, these Akoya Pearls are the finest high-qulity pearls available. Our assortment may even include "twins"- 2 pearls inside just one oyster! Beautiful Akoya Pearls come in a variety of colors: White, Pink, Cream and even rare Black Pearls!

These pearl oysters are sold in bulk containers only.
Minimum bulk order is 100 pieces.

 Saltwater Akoya Pearl Oysters vs Freshwater Wish Pearls:
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Oysters are not alive. They are packed in a
preserving liquid of alcohol and water.

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