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Oysters with Pearl
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Pearl Oysters
Wish Pearls, Love Pearls

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Character Development

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wish pearls-side view
Side View

wish pearls-top view
Top View
Real Pearl in a Real shell
Great for school classroom projects.
These beautiful pearls,
(also called Wish pearls or Love pearls) are unique, educational and lots of fun to open!! They are cultivated from freshwater mollusks. Each pearl shell comes packaged inside it's own see through can! You open the can, then open the shell... and inside is a genuine pearl!
See an Oyster opening Demo Here

100% Guaranteed-a pearl in every shell!

What to do with Pearl Oysters:

  • Very popular for School Projects for students of all ages.
  • Organizations use them for Fund Raisers.
  • Character Development: "it's what inside that counts"



Oysters are not alive. They are packed in a
preserving liquid of alcohol and water. There is no odor.

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